Nearly a Wrap

Harry, you should’ve stayed late to get that shot! It’s only the second day of filming, and we’re already two weeks behind!

Another week nearly down, and the shopping season is now in full swing. I am going to try to knock all the shopping out over the weekend. Most of mine will occur on the Internets (i.e., the man’s way to shop), and the rest can probably be accomplished in or around Milwaukee.

I’m headed down tonight after work to meet Michelle and then go to a birthday shindig @ Sarah & Brian’s apartment. It occurs to me that I know a LOT of people who were born in Decmember… or maybe that’s just one of those things where you notice that everyone else on the road is driving your car (?). Not sure.

Joe’s gonna do some computer/server crap with me on Saturday, but I have to be careful not to monopolize too much of his time, cuz he’s got a lot of writing to do.

I should do some writing. Christ.

Last night, I watched Lucky Number Slevin while I was doing some work on a laptop for somebody at work. Dell told her that changing out a hard drive would fix a clearly broken LCD panel. So I changed the drive, anyway, but after she called the support folks back again today, they said they would send someone over to actually fix the mother.

Oh, and that ‘Slevin’ flick wasn’t bad. It was sort of Get Shorty meets Payback on the set of a less complicated Usual Suspects. I think I would have liked it better if they would’ve stuck with the funny and Bruce Willis’s character was more believable. But Josh Hartnett was a smartass, and I laughed. Lucy Liu was cute. I don’t think she can help it.

Oh, then I also wanted to try out the webs via phone, OK? Previous phones that I’ve had weren’t really conducive to the web browsing, but the marketing that all the cell phone companies have on for buying their extra services are working on me, I guess. I wanted to play with some of the Google mobile toys, too.

Well, don’t be fooled, it’s pretty much useless. The Google Maps thing was kind of cool, but I don’t see it being useful enough to justify blowing 5 bucks a month. I guess the nice thing is, if you ever had some sort of dire emergency where you absolutely needed a map immediately and no one could help you over the phone or in person, and you had a digital signal on your phone (this scenario seems extremely unlikely), you can ‘subscribe’ at any time from the handset.

But I paid the 5 bucks so I’ll at least try it out for a month.


I started writing this at 9 this morning, and now it’s ten after 4. I guess I had “things going on” today.

Have a good weekend if I don’t see ya. Watch my Flickr link for pics from party, etc., if you’re interested…

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