Back on the Wheel

Dance, monkey!! DANCE!!!

I’ve noted the drain in mental capacity just from sitting at this desk in recent days, so the first thing I did when I got to work was make a list of stuff to get done today. Without the list, I can guarantee that the Internets would just devour my day without reason or hesitation. Just so that you’re aware, this blogging IS on the list…

I tried to upgrade my Ubuntu desktop machine last week to the latest version, which turned out to be a critical error. At a certain point, the installation hung, couldn’t recover, and I had to do a clean installation. *shrugs* I guess this was as good a time as any to move some computers around in the house.

Joe had the inside track on some hardware that was being trashed at work, and I actually wound up scavenging a new desktop machine out of the deal. I’ll relegate ol’ Red-Five? to either TV or server duty. Prolly TV. I haven’t decided for sure yet. That thing sure is loud, though. I think it’s probably the gigantic 400-watt power supply. I don’t know what possessed me to get a 400-watt power supply back in Montana. It’s not like I need to run 4 harddrives and dual graphics cards in that thing.

Right, so anyway, I’ve gotta set up that Ubuntu workstation again, and I guess the biggest pain is to re-install all the packages to play DVDs, Flash, java, other proprietary formats, etc. Granted, relative to some other distro’s I’ve worked with, this is SUPER-easy, but it’s just annoying when you had it all done once before, y’know? I should probably image this installation once I get it all finished, so if I break it again, no big deal.

Sorry for the excessive geekitude in this post.

But speaking of that, Joe helped me upgrade tikiwiki (the software that runs this site) over the weekend, too. I’m still messing around w/ the administrator stuff to see what all has changed, but one notable thing that we agreed was pretty sweet: it now has a built-in “mobile version” module. So, y’know, when you’re bored and only have your phone or PDA handy for browsing, you can point it at soloshootsmobile (this link also on the main page).

Other things I did over the weekend:
– went to a birthday party on Friday, I sent a few pics from my phone, so check the Flickr.
– got nearly all my Christmas shopping done from the cozy confines of Nice Ash and the webs.
– watched some of the Packer game. Do not be deceived: the Pack is not back, the San Fran’s were that bad… One fact that you can state about Green Bay, though– they’ve now won more games than last year, so technically I suppose that constitutes “improvement.”

I’m gonna go VNC into my computer @ home now (snort-snort).

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