I Am NOT Crazy

Hey, I’m not the only one who’s scared of robots.

Slow day; more to come…

In the meantime, think about this:
Reading stories about ever-spiraling world conflicts, chronic failures in adequate wildlife management, man-made destruction of the environment, overpopulation and starvation, and not to mention astounding technological innovations that prompt writings like the story linked above has made me ponder the ultimate reality of the human condition– what if we are fighting against our ultimate destiny and natural evolution?

Is it possible that mankind’s true “natural” progression is just to continue breeding, and growing, and sweeping across the planet, wiping out everything in our path? And that at the same time, we will innovate so quickly and efficiently on a technological level that we will create a sentient artificial lifeform that will reasonably see fit to wipe US out? After all, human beings need food, water, air to breathe, etc. Machines would not. The barren wasteland that our planet will one day become could be a more ideal environment for our robots than for us. Wouldn’t it make sense to think this could be another chapter of Earth’s natural evolution? No one thinks of it, because preserving ourselves is so important to us, but how much easier would it be (and how often in natural history has it been seen) to replace the planet’s dominant species with one that can thrive under whatever conditions might exist?

Suck on that for a while, and have a Merry Christmas.

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