The Java Upgrade Broke My Damn Checkbook

Just a couple days before Christmas, and I really should be in a better mood. Nothing is going to happen at work today, but at the same time, I am trapped here. I have to stay, even though I would be infinitely more productive if I left to take care of my own business. My boss (the big one, not the psuedo-supervisor boss) says to me when I walk in this morning, “I thought you were off today.” Well fuck. Why did I bother coming in?

I finally got the reimbursement check for my glasses in the mail yesterday. That was a fiasco. Couldn’t come at a better time, though, as I was down to my last one hundred-three cents in my checking account til the end of the month. Of course, I have to wait for lunch to run it over to the bank.

But I was going to at least enter this in to my check register, and write a check for the *grr* parking ticket that I got in Tosa last weekend (first time ever getting a ticket for parking on the street at Jen & Joe’s, BTW). But my computer wanted to upgrade some Java crap yesterday, and now my banking software is all messed up (it is java-based). So I’m trying to re-update, or de-update, or something to make the mother work again.

What really has me chapped is that one of Michelle’s gifts, which I ordered last week, and should have had plenty of time to get here for Christmas, still hasn’t arrived. I would be more understanding if I had been given some warning when I placed the order that I may not have it in time, but there was nothing. I’m extremely not pleased. I’m working on a solution, but I don’t know. Dammit.

Have I mentioned that it’s pouring rain today?

I really need to try to settle down a bit, but my morning is not starting out very well.

I’ll probably be back later. If I miss you, have a pleasant Christmas weekend…

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