Obey Your True Master – the TV

Sorry for this week’s dearth of words. Let me sum up:

MONDAY: A day off, followed by Seinfeld and a basketball victory. Michelle came up to watch the game, which I thought was pretty neat. Even though I didn’t play that well.

TUESDAY: Back to work, had to sort of play catch-up. Then it was a Sein-fest until bedtime.

WEDNESDAY: Starting to get busy again, with the semester getting rolling in another week or two. Not as much time for doing… other stuff. When I got home, I got caught up on 24 and it’s shaping up to the be least believable season yet!!

Which bring me to today and it’s almost time for the weekend again. I’ll be damned. I do have a somewhat interesting post festering in my brain right now, but I can’t believe I’m saying this again– I gotta get back to work…

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