No, that is not a blatent misspelling of Schrubbe.

Scrubs is now in its 6th season, and I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned it previously in this space, but if they’ve not jumped the shark, they’ve definitely worn a turkey on their head.

The season has had its occasional funny moments, though: I did laugh my ass off at “Guy Love”.

I dunno, though– the more I watch TV shows “by-the-season,” the less fulfilling the weekly grind becomes. Next week, I’m gonna be getting on the ‘Heroes’ train, which I did not ride in the first part of the TV year. I think what happens in watching a lot of ep’s in a row is that you become more forgiving of a ‘miss’ here or there: “Ah, that episode suct, let’s watch the next one…”

But man, when you specifically set aside an hour of your week to watch a shitty episode of a show you like, then wait another week to see something new, that blows.

All the more reason to chuck cable, if you ask me…

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