Saturday Night's All Right

Michelle is in the bathroom getting ready to go out. It might be interesting, over time, to figure out how much time in a given–oh, say a year–that I spend waiting…

We’re also trying to a have a conversation across the hallway about the labels that men and women apply to relationships. We have a couple friends whose “association” has sort of stopped, and that’s what brought it up.

If you ask me, there are two (*maaaaaybe* three; four if you include marriage) unique states that a man-and-woman relationship can be in at any given point:
– dating
– not-dating
– doing it

A quick survey of women (Michelle), yields a much different list (bear in mind that no matter how similar some of these labels appear, according to Michelle, each is a unique situation):
– seeing each other
– hanging out
– talking
– going out
– being “together”
– a thing
– hooking-up
– doing it
– friends with benefits
– dating
– fooling around

… So if you ever wonder why the hell you have trouble talking to your significant other about, well, anything, it’s good to remember “we’re speaking entirely different languages.”

We gotta run; have a nice weekend…

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