Brain = Broken

I opened up this window because I thought I had something witty to say about my programming choices from last evening– when it turned out the Knitts wouldn’t be making it over for LOST, I stuck with National Geo instead and watched some thing about how the first humans in the Americas might not have come from Siberia across the Bering “land bridge.”

…At least there were some “new revelations” there.

But I ran out of gas and wound up reading about the Milwaukee Bucks sudden and random coaching transition instead. What a f-show.

Times like these, I sincerely wish that the Senator would just sell the team to the highest bidder, and let ’em move the Bucks to Vegas. The NBA (and this franchise in particular) is almost too stupid to even be in Milwaukee. That one year when the Big Three made a run at the East, it was a lot of fun, but you look at the past 20 years or so, it was an aberration. It kind of gets to be laughable that people like Larry Harris and Terry Stotts are even working at the jobs that they have (or recently had, in the case of the latter).

I dunno, maybe if I started telling people that I was the illegitimate son of Phil Jackson or something I could be a general manager in the NBA.

OK, back to it…

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