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Top Notch For All Parties

Michelle and I DID end up making it to the Bucks game this evening– she was pretty sick and didn’t go into work this morning, but the drugs she got from the doctor were kicking in by the time the game rolled around, so we decided not to waste them.

I haven’t been shy about bad-mouthing the Bucks in this forum for the last couple seasons.  If Michelle was not a huge fan of TJ Ford (from his days in Milwaukee), I most likely would not have bothered with a game this season.  This is definitely a different group than the last time I watched them, though (back in December of 2006).  I was impressed with the hustle and the apparent effort at the defensive end of the floor.  Granted, on this particular evening, they were shooting anywhere from 53-57% throughout the game, so there was a lot of incentive to get after the ball and keep things rolling.  But yeah; I’ll admit, I was impressed.

Meanwhile, I took along my camera, attached the telephoto lens, put it on continuous-shooting mode and ended up with about 750 images to download– yikes.  Bed time; be back tomorrow…

A Potpourri of Catching Up

Just being out of commission for a day can set you back a little bit.  I had 36 new articles come through my New Scientist feed this morning…

In the category of “It’s Always Something,” we have: Flatscreen TVs turn up the heat on climate, showing once again that we can ALWAYS find a way to destroy the planet.  Is the Earth this fragile, or are we this big?

At this point, the celebrity (or quasi-celebrity) who I idolize the most is definitely John Hodgman.  He exudes an ideal combination of hilarious and intelligent.  If I could be this funny, I wouldn’t really need to worry about anything else.  His second book is a great gift idea for Jason, by the way…

Oh, and in case you hadn’t noticed (and I barely have), the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team has committed to showing up for at least 82 more games, and their season begins tonight.  I have entered basketball seasons with no hope for the Bucks in the past, but this is the first time since I took an interest in the NBA in the late 80s that I start a season with neither hope or interest.  Well, maybe that’s not 100% true– I must be at least vaguely interested, or you wouldn’t be reading these words.  However, I’m not as interested in following the fortunes of the team as I am the story of their inevitable collapse.  I pity the Tom Enlunds and Michael Hunts of the world, who make a living writing about this team.  It can’t be a very good living…

Oh, and you may have noticed a significant uptick in the size of the ‘archives’ available on the site– my sick day was good for researching and solving the problem I’d had with importing data from the old tikiwiki blog.  So if you care to relive the days when my words were much prettier, stop by 2003 or so.

That is all, carry on.

ESPN is saying John Hammond as new Bucks GM

Took a little break for lunch, and lookie what we have here.  Hammond is the #1 assistant to GM Joe Dumars in Detroit.  I think this will be a good hire, if it goes through.  That’s only half the battle, though, as Milwaukee also needs a coach that actually knows how to (A) get through to players and (B) win in the NBA.

Don’t hold your breath, but this is definitely the most exciting day for the Bucks since Game 7 of Conference Finals in 2001.

Quiet (Good) Friday

I finally have a couple moments to breathe today.

It’s been a really hectic week of work, just due to the volume of processing that had to be accomplished. I feel bad that I haven’t really been inclined to blog even when I get home, in part cuz I’ve missed the news for most of the week…

What *can* I tell you?

I thought the end of the business with Iran and the British sailors was pretty interesting. I don’t think anyone can really fool themselves into believing that anything Iran does right now won’t have some effect on the international response to their nuclear program. Personally, I can’t imagine why any nation’s leader with half a brain would want to get into a pissing contest with G-Dub– just give us 21 more months, and it’ll all be over, everyone will be able to relax and stop sleeping with an ICBM under their pillow.

Well, except for Israel, of course.

In sports, the Brewers 2-1 start to the season is nothing to sneeze at. They can’t win every game all season, but hell– if they win twice as many as they lose all season, that will make them… (ponders the math)… 108-54. They’ll never win that many games. They could get sort of close to that and still be unbelievably awesome. I’ve been saying to people, “less than 90 wins will be disappointing.” I’m going to stick by that. It’s only 9 more victories .500 ball, and should be totally do-able for this group.

The only two things that have been troubling to me so far this year:
1. Carlos Villanueva’s shaky first appearance of the season (I think he’ll be OK in the long run)
2. Jose Capellan’s crybaby attitude

Note that both items relate to pitching, which is the most important thing to this club– they’re still very young, and are going to be prone to streakiness at the plate. They need consistency somewhere, and there are a lot of dollars invested in the pitching staff.

Last sports comment of the day: If you want to believe for a second that the Bucks are NOT trying their damnedest to tank the season while appearing to not tank the season, then please follow this link to some listings for a lovely condominium development I’ve recently invested in down in the Mississippi delta.

I went off a couple weeks ago about the integrity of my profession, to the confusion of some and the disinterest of others. If you are at all interested in what has become the hottest news item in financial aid departments across the country, check out this article from Inside Higher Ed on some new info that’s being turned up. I still think that the vast majority of my colleagues are ethical and honorable people. It’s this 1% or less that are (A) making the rest of us ill, and (B) going to cause some changes in the way we do business. Just a matter of time… Until then, my hope is that the students don’t suffer more confusion or stress than they already have.

I’ll be in Madison this evening (Friday) and then the Milwaukee area for the duration of the weekend. Plan accordingly.

Have a happy Easter!

Brain = Broken

I opened up this window because I thought I had something witty to say about my programming choices from last evening– when it turned out the Knitts wouldn’t be making it over for LOST, I stuck with National Geo instead and watched some thing about how the first humans in the Americas might not have come from Siberia across the Bering “land bridge.”

…At least there were some “new revelations” there.

But I ran out of gas and wound up reading about the Milwaukee Bucks sudden and random coaching transition instead. What a f-show.

Times like these, I sincerely wish that the Senator would just sell the team to the highest bidder, and let ’em move the Bucks to Vegas. The NBA (and this franchise in particular) is almost too stupid to even be in Milwaukee. That one year when the Big Three made a run at the East, it was a lot of fun, but you look at the past 20 years or so, it was an aberration. It kind of gets to be laughable that people like Larry Harris and Terry Stotts are even working at the jobs that they have (or recently had, in the case of the latter).

I dunno, maybe if I started telling people that I was the illegitimate son of Phil Jackson or something I could be a general manager in the NBA.

OK, back to it…