Let's Move

I think it speaks volumes about his largely unsuccessful forays into the big leagues that Ben Hendrickson cleared waivers this weekend. From what I understand about the wavier process for a player out of minor league options (if you make a claim, you have to keep that player on your big league roster for the full season, or else return him to his previous team), this amounts to the rest of the league saying, “Well, I don’t think we’ve got space for him on our big league club.”

Quite a drop in stock for a pitcher who was once mentioned in the same breath as Ben Sheets, as a long-term solution in the rotation. Understandable that Hendrickson *reeeeeally* wants to get traded, and with only 2 weeks left until opening day, there are more than a few questions for Doug Melvin & the gang to address.

Hey– are you going to Opening Day?

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