I'll Give You Some Blarney– In the Face

I can’t believe I didn’t blog ANYTHING on Friday, given that I had a very slow work day and a lot cooking for the weekend. Ah, what the hell, tho– here’s a little recap…

Friday night, Michelle, Jen, Christy and I took Grandma out for dinner at The Packing House. They have a fine southside fish fry over there, and we all enjoyed it. After dinner, we hung out with at Grandma’s house a while playing 31. Jen won once, and Grandma won the other. I had some of the worst 31 hands of my life and got knocked out very quickly both times.

On Saturday, I got up (relatively) early and after breakfast and coffee, met Jen, Joe, Raul and Katie at Mo’s Irish Pub on Wisconsin & Plankington. They had been out since 7:30 at Murph’s, where they were alleged to have Lucky Charms for those early-morning St. Patty’s patrons. I enjoyed my first Guinness of the day at around 11, as can be seen in this photo. There is also a short video on Joe’s phone of my 2nd Guinness of the day, which I finished in 15 seconds (sometimes I amaze even myself).

I couldn’t stay out too long with the revelers, because I had to meet Michelle at Miller Park around 3 for a Guardian Credit Union meet-n-greet with Gorman Thomas. That was pretty cool, but I didn’t have much of a chance to talk with him– there was still a long line of people with stuff to get signed behind me. I did get my bobblehead autographed. I milled around the store downstairs for a bit waiting for Michelle to be done “working” at the event. I think we were out of there around 10 to 4. I wonder how much Gorman gets paid for an event like that?

After we were done at the ballpark, we shuttled Jen and Joe back to Mo’s and had a drink with them. I was a little perturbed that we had to pay a $5 cover to get in there. It was EXTREMELY crowded, and there were a lot of old people looking a little annoyed about the service and the breathing room, but what do you expect when 3/17 falls on a Saturday?

We made it to Erika and Patrick’s house by 6 and had a really good time with an authentic Irish dinner and a good game of Sheepshead. We thought we would need to leave earlier to meet some of Michelle’s peeps out for the ‘holiday,’ but never got the call we were expecting…

Michelle had her car parked over at Jen & Joe’s house Saturday night, so we just crashed there and eventually made it back to Oshkosh on Sunday afternoon, following a late brunch at the Original Pancake House. Michael Redd was nowhere to be seen on this visit…

I was a little bummed as I listened to the Badgers game on the trip home– enough so that I had to switch over to the Brewers when Bucky was down by 7 with about 3 minutes to go. It was a nice season, but too bad to see it end so quickly.

Speaking of basketball, my team has its first “playoff game” this evening at 6:15. My understanding is that we, being the #5 team in the league, play the #4 team for a chance to meet #1 next week. For the first time this morning, that didn’t make a lot of sense to me– seems more like we should be playing the #2 team, and the #4 should play #3. But I guess that would mean you’d have to ‘re-seed’ after the first round, and… well, who gives a crap, really?

How was your weekend?

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