Matrimonial of Omaha

We went to Dave and Amber’s wedding in Omaha yesterday (Sunday, 9/2). It was a nice little service in an old mansion near downtown that reminded me a lot of the place(s) where Joe and April got hitched. David and Amber know all these fantastic, interesting and really friendly people– it was a lot of fun to meet them, and we were really grateful to Allie and Jeff in particular, who let us stay over at their house for three days, even though we didn’t know them coming in.

The city of Omaha itself reminds me of a mashed-up hybrid of Oshkosh, LaCrosse, and some other city, although right at the moment I can’t think of which one. Michelle enjoyed the fact that the streets were all pretty straight, so if you got on one with numbers and started heading in the right direction, you would eventually find the place you were looking for. Never mind the fact that some of the streets run one-way in the morning, the OTHER one-way in the evening, and both ways during the day and on weekends.

When I got in on Saturday, we took a ride into what I guess is the downtown area– a place called the ‘Old Market’. They had the cobblestone streets and lots of shops easily accessible by the peds and whatnot. It was neat. We ate some food that night at a place that I didn’t realize was a chain– ‘Old Chicago’ pizza & beer. We split an “individual”-size pie and there was some left over. Granted, it was after 10pm, but whatev.

Right now it’s about 10 to 10 on Monday morning, and we’re working on getting packed up and headed back home. We each have our own rental cars, so that’ll be fun, but at least Michelle’s has cruise, so I can have her set the pace and just follow along. The trip home takes about 8 hours or so, but we’ll probably stop at one of the free-wifi rest stops in Iowa, since I haven’t been on the Internets since Saturday morning, and Michelle has no idea how much she got paid on Friday or how much money she spent while she was here.

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