Self-Taught Lessons

I’ve discovered something this evening while I work on building some photo galleries for the new site: my pictures are organized like shit.

On the old site, I had a LOT of pictures in a number of galleries, and something I’m changing here is the volume of pictures that are out here. I figure no one on the webs needs to see that many. Who looks at all those pictures, anyway?

You’d think that would make it easier to do, but really it’s not at all. I’m only going to upload some of my digital pictures, and I have approximately 7000 images to page through and consider including. I can see the vacation collections being toughest to slog through. What I’ll probably do is take my external hard drive (where I have backups of everything) to work, and I can work on this a bit at lunch time. One of the other benefits there is USB 2.0. That’s right– desktop machine at home is still on 1.1. Yeesh.

In somewhat-related news, when are you available for a Brewers tailgate outing this summer? June 14 or 21?

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