Hardy Upgrade II

The initial upgrade to 8.04 broke my sound and my network card.  And I couldn’t use the mouse.  But I don’t know if that maybe just had something to do with the network hanging, trying like hell to get an IP.  The upgrade process itself went really smoothly, though.  Also, seemed as though the video driver wrinkles from 7.10 have been smoothed out.  So that’s nice.

What I may try to do, again, since I have the /home in its own space anyway, is do a clean install again of the rest of the system.  The biggest drawback is having to reinstall all your optional packages.  With APTtoCD, though, it’s (fairly) painless.

I’m not that interested in spending a whole mess of time on it, though.  It’s only a beta, after all, and the first one at that.  To be continued.

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