ESPN is saying John Hammond as new Bucks GM

Took a little break for lunch, and lookie what we have here.  Hammond is the #1 assistant to GM Joe Dumars in Detroit.  I think this will be a good hire, if it goes through.  That’s only half the battle, though, as Milwaukee also needs a coach that actually knows how to (A) get through to players and (B) win in the NBA.

Don’t hold your breath, but this is definitely the most exciting day for the Bucks since Game 7 of Conference Finals in 2001.

One thought on “ESPN is saying John Hammond as new Bucks GM”

  1. This has been confirmed. Moreover, they say Hammond is going to try his damnedest to get Rick Carlisle to be the next head coach.

    Carlisle did a great job in Detroit and Indiana getting guys to play defense. Unfortunately, I think the current Bucks roster has about 2 or 3 guys willing to do that on a consistent basis. The rest of them just want to be sure they score at least 30 a night (and you’ll note that none do).

    Best to follow this on the Bucks blog with the Urinal.

    So, after they settle on a coach, expect the roster to get blowed up… ONE…. MORE….. TIME!!!!!!1

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