Some Love Pity For a Rival

Obviously, the Detroit Lions are a team that I enjoy watching the Packers beat twice every year.  No football fan ever wants their team to lose a game within the division.

At the same time, I think that as an honest-to-goodness sports fan, you must have had some pity for the Lions and their fans during the tenure of Matt Millen as the GM.  The dufus was hired out of the broadcast booth with no personnel experience to speak of, and it showed, day in and day out.  Today, the Millen Era is finally over in Detroit.  All I can say as an NFL fan is, “Well, there’s a move that’s only 4 or 5 years late.”  The saga of ineptitude was simultaneously hilarious and sad from the outside looking in.  I can only imagine how painful it’s been for the tens of fans that the Lions still have.

Rejoice today, oh Detroit faithful– the dawn has finally come.

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