No Worries Here

I have occasionally picked up a story here or there over the last couple months referring to how Americans are really “cutting back” as a result of our fragile economy.  Y’know, they’re doing things like getting rid of their landlines or considering downgrading their cable package, or even *GASP* skipping the $30 bottles of wine and buying the $10 bottle.  Yeah, times are EXTRA tough…

Makes me glad that I live in an already pretty thrifty and economically conservative part of the country here in WI.  I’m not saying that no one around here has any problems, but I think there are probably a lot more folks in this state that were living within their means to begin with.  Makes these times of uncertainty a lot easier to stomach.

Nobody WANTS to see a global economic collapse, but if we as a society can weather this storm, I don’t see anything wrong with giving people who had to have everything at the moment that they wanted it a little wake-up call.

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