Just In Case You Missed It and Other Holiday Items

Howdy.  Got a lot of good “workin” done for a change today, so I have to be quick on the bloggeration front.

Wanted to put a post out here to make anyone digesting soloshootsfirst via RSS that there is news on my New Year’s Eve plans, and a special page on the site dedicated to it.  Some of the plans are still in flux, but there definitely WILL be a party, in a specific place (or two), at [a] specific time(s), and this is one of my favorite things: really easy for visitors to the site to post comments on the page for all to see in relation to the party.  So if you have thoughts, ideas, or feedback, feel free.

That’s the last mention I’ll have of the party in the blog itself until the day gets much much closer…

In case you are looking for some gift suggestions for me during the holiday season (and it’s just a coincidence that this is brought up after the birthday shindig), there’s a page for that, too.  I will be updating it periodically if I get other ideas, so it may be worth checking more than once.

What else ya got?  Schrubbe pointed me to a post yesterday about how Caprica is getting the green light on the SciFi channel.  Seems like there’s some potential there.  But mostly it makes me think about how season 4b of BSG is going to be starting on January 16.  Who wants to have a catch-up watch party in advance?  After the new year, maybe?

OK, half an hour to go; better do something…

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