Common Denominator

While I always revel in the struggles of the Dallas Cowboys (as a rule), when I read the story from ESPN about a locker room at odds with itself down in Big D, I have to shake my head a little in pity.

Correct me if I’m wrong on this, but Terrell Owens, while having had a statistically fantastic career, has never won the Super Bowl.  However, he has managed to eventually alienate or otherwise piss off every team he’s ever played for.  Fans or coaches can make excuses, but the bottom line is this: what does every quarterback that T.O. has complained about have in common?

One thought on “Common Denominator”

  1. That’s easy, they’re not Owens. If that musclebound dip$#!t had his way he would be throwing passes to himself (allowing that he’d actually catch said passes).

    The best part about the whole thing is his crying post-game news conference last year defending Romo from criticism. So I guess “it’s not fair” for analysts to slam Burlington’s Favorite Son, but it’s A OK if Owens wants to do it.

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