Have Some Priorities

Kept rolling dubbing some tapes over to DVD this evening.  After I got back to WI from my time in Montana, I didn’t use the video camera nearly as much, and you could tell by the drastic gaps in datestamps on the tape.  Still some interesting viewing.

Now that I’ve moved on to dubbing me and Lorchie’s 2000 spring break trip, I don’t have a to keep such a keen eye on the tape (it doesn’t need someone to carefully mark those title and/or chapter breaks).

It’s definitely important, when you’re engaged in a project like this, to have a clear idea of your goals and how to most efficiently reach them– the whole point here is to preserve video that exists in VHS format only for the future.  I don’t need to dub over anything that can be had on DVD already.  So, the Packers’ Super Bowl XXXI retrospective?  Do NOT need to dub it.  The Ice Bowl?  No dub required.  You don’t want to or need to copy over any movies that you might have on tape, because it’s going to serve you a lot better to (at the least) rent a copy of the movie and copy the DVD.

That makes me think of this: a handful of the VHS tapes I’ve still be hoarding are:

  • Indiana Jones trilogy
  • three copies of the Star Wars triology (the “original” box set, the “THX” box set, and the “Special Edition” box set)

Do I need to keep those?  I have all the movies on DVD now.  Why am I keeping these tapes?

I also had two white russians.

2 thoughts on “Have Some Priorities”

  1. I too have about three or four various versions of Star Wars on VHS. I’m guessing it’s a fan/nostalgia thing. Are we ever going to watch them? Probably not, especially since the “original” versions were released on DVD a couple years ago now.

    In the various moves I’ve done in the past few years (similar to your situation I’m sure) I’ve come across things that I really don’t need, yet keep anyway. It’s as if I’m hording the stuff for when I actually become a home owner and can claim my own room in which to display all my “cool stuff”. So it’s going to have to be a pretty big house.

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