Friday in the Twin Cities

It’s about 10:30 and I’m still working on my first cup of coffee.  It’s a vacation-y weekend, that’s for sure.

Michelle and I made it in to St. Paul yesterday at about 5:45.  We met up with Joe and April at a sushi place called Saji-Ya for dinner.  It was good, and as usual, deceptively filling; sushi never looks that big on your plate, but it goes a long way.

We missed the first period of the hockey game, but had (relatively) good parking, and it was fun to watch the rest.  The second was slow, but in the third, the Wild dumped in 3 more goals after Edmonton kind of fell apart.  Hockey is cool.  I had to ask a few rules-related questions, but it’s basically a simple game– put the puck in the net more than the other guys.  So, fun for the whole family!

We got back to Dave and Andrea’s place at about quarter to 11.  They’ve got a nice house on the south side of the city of Minneapolis.  Their dog, Boo, is fun, too.  It’s pretty cool to have peeps to stay with around here…

When I got out of the house this morning, my car BARELY started.  I let it run for 20 minutes and the defroster was still blowing cold.  I drove around a little and found the nearby Caribou Coffee joint, and that pretty much brings us up to speed (except for the part where, as I was turning in here, I discovered the hard way that they don’t seem to salt the roads in Minneapolis, and I almost crashed my car into a light pole).

Later on today, we’re meeting up with Joe and April for a little Mall of America fun, and we have yet to locate a good karaoke place (but it’s a big city, we’ll find one).  Stay warm if you are living in the upper half of the US… it is FROSTY out there!

One thought on “Friday in the Twin Cities”

  1. Sure hope Grandma didn’t read about you “almost crashing” into a light pole.
    Knowing that you were at the game, I actually listened for the score next day on the Oatman show.

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