Here's To Productivity

To say that many of my days since I started working a job 8-5 have been mired in senseless, random bullshit would be an understatement (there was a lot of that BEFORE working 8-5, too, but when you don’t have that job, it opens up like 33-45% of your day).  I have tried (and failed) at numerous methods of better managing the little time leftover.  I might have finally stumbled onto a new system that I hope will work.  It involves following a careful daily plan of operation, from which you leave only a VERY little room for deviation.  I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes.

To that end, I have to leave the computer now and use the rest of this hour to be engaged in activities related to dining.  See you bright and early tomorrow…

One thought on “Here's To Productivity”

  1. What happens when you veer off course from your daily flow chart? Your death, I hope. Or Lorch’s. I see a social experiment in your future.

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