So Far, So OK

A big part of my “productivity scheduling” was to choose to significantly limit the amount of random computer BS time that I would allot myself at home.  I probably screw around on the Internet plenty while I’m at work, so I’ve put just about an hour and a half to be on the computer for Internetting and/or random tweaking and looking at… stuff.

It’s amazing how much more focused my surfing is, even this first morning.  Oh yeah, did I mention that?  My allotted Internet time is first thing when I get up (5:15, or later if I choose to waste the time in bed) until 6:40, when I absolutely have to start getting ready for work.

I think sticking to the schedule will be easy enough for the rest of the weekdays, but I also have to come up with a plan for weekend days.  And after a weekend, I’m hoping I’ll be able to slide right back in on Monday.

Meanwhile, though, I really want to know when Ubuntu is going to update Amarok to version 2 in the repository, so I only have about 45 minutes to figure that out… later!

One thought on “So Far, So OK”

  1. I just read this. Seems like I should probably wait until after 6 AM to blog, when my brain will be better able to form logical sentences.

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