Top Notch For All Parties

Michelle and I DID end up making it to the Bucks game this evening– she was pretty sick and didn’t go into work this morning, but the drugs she got from the doctor were kicking in by the time the game rolled around, so we decided not to waste them.

I haven’t been shy about bad-mouthing the Bucks in this forum for the last couple seasons.  If Michelle was not a huge fan of TJ Ford (from his days in Milwaukee), I most likely would not have bothered with a game this season.  This is definitely a different group than the last time I watched them, though (back in December of 2006).  I was impressed with the hustle and the apparent effort at the defensive end of the floor.  Granted, on this particular evening, they were shooting anywhere from 53-57% throughout the game, so there was a lot of incentive to get after the ball and keep things rolling.  But yeah; I’ll admit, I was impressed.

Meanwhile, I took along my camera, attached the telephoto lens, put it on continuous-shooting mode and ended up with about 750 images to download– yikes.  Bed time; be back tomorrow…

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