Who Will Help Me Watch The Watchmen?

The biggest superehero movie geekfest ever is scheduled to drop on 3/6– 9 days from now.  I will be busy on opening day, but I am willing and able to go on Saturday, the 7th.  I think it would be very cool to see this flick at that iPic theater @ Bayshore.  Since you get reserved seats there, and it’s 21+, I would call that the makings of a good time.

I’d love to hear from anyone that might be interested.  There are several showings throughout the day on Saturday, and it looks to cost just 9 bucks for a matinee.  Starting at the 6:30 show, it’s $12.

My copy of the book is in pretty sad shape; I think I’ll try to find a paperback on Amazon or something before next week.  Wondering if Hoping that this flick makes my 2009 as geektastically awesome as The Dark Knight did for 08…

3 thoughts on “Who Will Help Me Watch The Watchmen?”

  1. D.L. Schrubbe notes that iPic is actually only 21+ after 7pm. Whatevs, I still think we should go during the day…

    More time to be out on the town at night!

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