What Is the Problem With Netvibes?

Don’t know if you’ve been keeping up or not, but I’ve been using Netvibes as my chief RSS aggreation service, in part because it has the flexibility to pull in all sorts of different data/feeds/sites (text, podcasts, videos, misc news services, etc.), but right now, we are knocking on a 24-hour period where the site has either been down or just unable to load my customized page.

How long do you wait on a web-based service like this before you write it off as too unreliable?  I don’t think a day is long enough for me to do that, but I will definitely scout around the webs for other options (I will have some normal news-reading time on my hands, after all).

This sort of occurrence always leads me back to my position that if you want to rely on the Internet, you’re better off hosting it yourself.

PS – If anyone actually knows what’s up with Netvibes in general right now, by all means, do tell…

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