Motion Picture Fail

I realized on my way home today that I came up pretty short on viewing all the movies I wanted to see this summer.  True, there weren’t that many that I was interested in back in May, but I have not even hit the 50% mark.  District 9 just came out to some box-office avail, but here we are, August 17, and the only movie I saw after Memorial Day was a random weekday viewing of Harry Potter 6.  Here are the ones that I’ve missed.  Let me know if I’m truly “missing” something, or if I can just let it go until it shows up on Netflix (which, at the rate I get through my queue, would happen sometime in early 2012).

PS – I’m kinda depressed that half the movies I’ve seen this summer were Wolverine and Terminator 4.  Yikes.

I’m sleepy.  Are you sleepy?

2 thoughts on “Motion Picture Fail”

  1. Up i hear is a definite yes. Public Enemies can wait for NF. Moon’s s’posed to be very good and may benefit from strong sound design a theatre will showcase. The Hangover is funny as shit, but you could hold off. District 9: just go already, Jesus.

    Sleepy and dopey all wrapped up in a pretty little Wordy ball.

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