On the Road Again

I have meticulously logged every tank of gas and mile that I’ve driven on my car since I started working in Oshkosh again.  160 miles a day is a lot, and I wanted to be able to anticipate fuel consumption, cost, etc., at the beginning of the month when I get my hard-earned monies.

06/01/0910.85900369.2000033.999452.6990029.310.0794BP, WI & OH
06/03/0911.33700369.5000032.592402.7490031.170.0843BP, 20th & SP
06/05/099.50000341.1000035.905262.7790026.400.0774FLEET FARM
06/15/0911.59800398.1000034.324882.7390031.770.0798BP, 20th & SP
06/17/0911.88500420.3000035.363902.7990033.270.0791MOBIL, CAP & DWNR
06/21/0910.62200348.1000032.771612.7190028.880.0830RIVERSIDE BP, CAPTL

This is sort of what those charts look like.  I’m breaking it down by month, and then I’ll probably average those figures out quarterly, or over the course of the year, what have you.

I had a really light July with all the traveling we did and days off that I took.  Still, up to this point, I’ve put 10,197 miles on the vehicle since 6/1.  I was thinking it over this afternoon, and I’m not going to crack 100,000 miles on the car before January 1.  But it’ll be close.

I feel OK about the mileage as long as I’m taking care of the car (and I am).  I was actually imagining how interesting it would be to still be driving this car when it flips 200, 250, or 300.  I figure cars these days will last a while, especially if they’re not that old as you pile the miles on.  In my limited observation, the cars that have historically had trouble are the ones that actually used less, because maintenance slips your mind, or they sit around in the elements to rust out and fluids to dry up, that sort of thing.

If I end up doing this commuting for a long while, though, I will be glad to pick up one of these badboys when they come down in price.

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