Pro Football Predictions, Week 2

Being up north for the weekend limits the time that I have for comment. Hoping that last week didn’t bankrupt you, wager away with this guidance of this week’s picks!

Carolina at Atlanta
Minnesota at Detroit
Cincinnati at Green Bay
Houston at Tennessee
Oakland at Kansas City
Edmonton at Saskatchewan
New England at NY Jets
New Orleans at Philadelphia
St. Louis at Washington
Arizona at Jacksonville
Tampa Bay at Buffalo
Winnepeg at Montreal
Seattle at San Francisco
Pittsburgh at Chicago
Baltimore at San Diego
Cleveland at Denver
NY Giants at Dallas
Indianapolis at Miami

3 thoughts on “Pro Football Predictions, Week 2”

  1. Eh. Ehh, ehh!! Shit ain’t that easy is it? And to think that had the Dolphins ran some dumbass plays to end the Monday night game, you’d of found yourself down another game.

    And you wonder why I retired……

    P.S. Instead of CFL, pick a college game, it attracts more attention. Or, if you are so inclined, go with a bit of soccer. It’s your site after all.

  2. Ouch. Kitty likes to scratch. Fair enough, do with it what you will, but remember I did offer pithy and insightful comments to the games that I did highlight.


    Oh what a world.

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