Notes To My Future Self: The Gizmo5 Edition

So I use Gizmo5 in conjunction with my Google Voice account for VoIP (some of the time).  A few versions of the software ago, I was prompted to give the client my login creds for AOL and MSN instant messaging accounts, as a means of importing contact info.  At the time, I believe I did this in an effort to discover if anyone else I knew was also on this service (they weren’t).

I struggled (mightily at times) to figure out how to TURN OFF the association with those accounts.  I Googled the F out of the topic, and came up empty.  Finally, I surrendered, and sent a request for tech support.

Navid emailed me back in less than five minutes saying that he turned that feature off.

I don’t know WHY there is no end-user toggle for linking in to those other services, but at least it’s off now.

PS – Welcome, ye weary Googler; perhaps this helped solve your problem.

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