Back to It, Then

In the build-up to the end of my grad school career (at least for the time-being), I was asked contiuously, “what are you going to do next?” and I was simultaneously flattered that people thought I had done work good enough to continue writing, and angry that the completed goddamned thesis still didn’t seem to be enough to placate them (just kidding about that last bit).

I had initially felt like I would need some time to rest; a few weeks at least, or possibly the whole the summer, to enjoy the lack of responsibility and obligation that plagued my brain lo these many years.  It was only a week ago today that I had that defense, and already I’m feeling like I need to keep up at something in order to keep my skills sharp and my mood intact.

I looked at the blog that I used to write in quite regularly, but which in recent times has become little more than a depository of podcasts and twitter digests.  Not that there is anything wrong with either, but I remember enjoying the feeling of satisfaction when I wrote something in here on a daily basis.  I decided I would make some modifications to this system, and the change in look on the site is Part One of that process.

So, for those that are curious:

  • The Drama Jocks show will be relocated to its own site.  Josh, Joe, and I will continue to bring our fans the soft-hitting sports commentary to which they’ve grown accustomed.  It will be happening at
  • The BryGuy Show will make its presence principally known at the Facebook page.  I hope to occasionally share some items from that program at BKOradio as well.
  • If and when we witness the return of The Original Podcast featuring Kyle E. Geissler, you’ll find that one in its entirety at the new BKOradio site.
  • This webspace is returning to its blogg-o-riffic roots, and I hope to return to featuring some photography as well; realized the other day that it’s been nearly twelve months since I uploaded a photo onto this site.  Yikes.

Enjoy the rest of your day, and if you live in the upper midwest, try not to melt.  Hot as hell AND rainy today…

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