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The Heat Is On

I happened across a post on Lifehacker today about the video offerings at PBS.org. I ended up turning on this episode of Frontline that first aired back in October, but it is, of course, still relevant right now (seriously, a total coincidence that I watched it on Earth Day).

I thought this was a great in-depth piece about about the issues facing our nation and world regarding energy consumption, global climate change, and their ramifications for the economy. It’s a investment of time if you choose to take a look (a little less than 2 hours), but I wanted to make it easy for you… enjoy.

Commencifying and Biogas

I just read an interesting little article about the use of “biogas” (basically natural gas harvested from rotting manure) in India.  Found it via New Scientist.

Also wanted to quickly take this opportunity to mention commencement and open houses for next weekend.  I didn’t just start thinking about it, but I’ve been slowly working on a post about this graduation stuff for about a month now, and it’s too late to finish it.  So:

  • I will be “commencing” in anticipation of a summer 2008 graduation from Oshkosh next Saturday, May 17.  All are welcome.
  • All are also welcome the following day, Sunday, May 18, at Jen and Joe Mundschau’s house at 6425 W Wisconsin Ave in Wauwatosa for an open house event to recognize Joe and me, both “commencing” this weekend.

I understand that is very short notice.  What’re we gonna do?