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A Fairly Non-Descript Day

Not too much to report for this Thursday on a personal level.  Ohh– here’s something: I did have a little “phone envy” when Michelle finally got her LG Voyager and I had a chance to play with it.  I did NOT opt for that phone back in August when I was shopping because I thought the touch screen would be a hassle for me to use.  After spending some time with hers, it seems like that probably wouldn’t be the case.  Ah, well.  In a couple years, there’ll probably be an even better and more affordable “all-touch-screen” option on the market (LG’s Dare is just too pricey at this point).

I heard some news about a friend that I apparently could have gotten earlier if only I was out there on the stupid Facebook.  I have considered the possibility of trolling those pages just to hear from people or find out the latest news, but I haven’t brought myself to do it yet.  At this point, it’s still just a random consideration.

It seems like I see stories of some of our nation’s dumbest with Wisconsin datelines too often.  Here’s one from Sheboygan: Man accused of urinating on arresting officer.  Classy.

This was delightful to see, too– just after I was able to say that all the computers in my house operate USB devices at 2.0 speed, here comes USB 3.  Dammit.

And, I’m sorry, but this Nebraska safe-haven story is just unbelievable– this quote just KILLS me:

With legislators set to convene on Friday, weary parents like the Lincoln mother have been racing to drop off their children while they still can.

I still think that mandatory birth control is an idea worth looking into…

That is all the random drudgery I can muster for now; enjoy your Thursday evening!

Cold Turkey

The election is over, my friends, but they won’t set us free.  Gene Johnson reports for the AP that Sarah Palin is sorting her campaign trail wardrobe to return the clothes, and…


I would love to be the first to start a trend: I offer up my personal guarantee that from this post forward, soloshootsfirst.com will be entirely Palin-free!  The next time you will read her name is if by some ungodly chance she declares candidacy for president in 2012.

I see the GOP’s loss as the American people’s gain on this front.  I won’t let you down, and I encourage my readers with their own sites/blogs to do the same.   Oh yes, we can.

Machines Knows Science

From today’s Tech wire, “Mechanical Squirrels, Robot Lizards Jump Into Research“– here’s my fave excerpt:

Sarah Partan, an assistant professor in animal behavior at Hampshire, hopes that by capturing a close-up view of squirrels in nature, Rocky will help her team decode squirrels’ communication techniques, social cues and survival instincts.

And in related fictional news, it appears that the Cylons have been among us from the beginning, apparently for the exact same reasons.