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Game Day

Chris Berman interviewed the presidential candidates on Monday Night Football last night.  If there was any doubt in your mind that the election season is too long, let that event serve to steel your opinion.

Meanwhile, the 2008 MLB rosters are now out on whatifsports.com.  I set myself up a 7-game series of the 82 Brewers against the 08 Brewers.  This year’s guys took the series 4-1.  I benched Rickie Weeks for all 5 games and let Prince DH with Mike Rivera at 1st in the games at County Stadium.  The 08 Crew’s only loss?  Game 2, with CC on the mound, against Pete Vuckovich.  Who woulda guessed?

Well, anyway, you’ll hear it over and over again, but make sure you vote today.  And if you live in the greater Milwaukee area, make sure you also collect your free beer (or other stuff) with ‘I Voted’ sticker.

Well… Schlemiel, Schlimazel.

Schlitz bottlePicked up an article from the Journal-Sentinel yesterday about how Schlitz is going back to the original formula, in bottles only.

A little excerpt from that article:

Despite the renewed focus on aging boomers, Schlitz might also find new fans among drinkers in their 20s, Schumacher said. He cited Pabst Blue Ribbon, another old-time brand that has enjoyed a revival in recent years from young drinkers drawn by its retro appeal – and lack of a big ad campaign.

“They might get some young hipsters” to drink Schlitz, Schumacher said, “just because of the irony of it.”

No, they “might” not– I GUARANTEE you that’s what will happen.