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A Little Time Off

On Wednesday night, Mundschau and I made our way up to Ma & Dad’s house in Eagle River. We were planning to try to get some wireless internetting rocking and to help Dad with his project du jour. In this case, it was putting in the OSB on the ceiling of the garage. That needed to go in so the insulation could be finished.

Dad had off from work on Friday, so we wrapped that up that day. Today (Saturday), Joe and I slept until about 8:30, then by about 10 or 10:30, we took a ride to town to get on the webs. The coffee joint in ER that we’ve used in the past went from charging 2 bucks to completely free internet access, so I guess we don’t even need to be inside, technically speaking. Nice to have the power outlet, though.

The drag is the handful of screaming children that a parent just brought in a couple minutes ago. It really does make it hard to concentrate. Note to self: upon procreation, make sure there is a room in the house that kids don’t enter, as a refuge from the madness.

It’s nice to have a few days off from work. I don’t know why, but I’ve been a little paranoid lately that I’m going to do something to get fired. I don’t think I’ve been doing anything that would actually be grounds for termination, but I guess I just have this streak of paranoia in general. It’s not that much fun.

Reminds me– I should really go to a doctor. And a dentist. And an eye doc. I need to make a whole bunch of appointments.

Jesus Christ these kids are loud. I mean, holy shit.

59 and sunny here in ER. We should try to wrap up the Interwebbing and get back outdoors. I need to pick up some booze.


Had a couple weird dreams over the past couple days. On Sunday night, before starting my new job at UWM, I had one where I showed up for work, and the office was actually the lobby at the M&I Bank in Eagle River. My “office” was a teller window. I had no chair. I said to myself, “Shit– I think I took a step backwards to get into this position…”

Then last night (Monday), I had a dream that started out, quite literally, as an X-File– David Duchovny and everything. Apparently, there was a group of brain-eating zombies hiding in plain sight that were “at war” with a rival group of alien rebels. The rebels were actively seeking human allies to destroy the zombie forces on Earth. Because, obviously, if the zombies took over this planet, then that would be like, 6 billion more zombies.

So they hooked us Earthlings up with some sort of sonic device that made zombie heads explode and set about planning a major de-zombification event (because the brain-eaters had already infiltrated our society, and some of our closest friends and companions were actually already zombies).

The leader of the human ally resistance force? None other than my younger sister, Christy. In my dream, she had become quite adept at shooting a rifle. Apparently, in addition to the alien-magic-sonic-zombie-exploder, it was possible to down one through a good ol’ fashioned bullet to the head.

It was a strange dream.

And so, on with Tuesday!

Minor Miracles

Michelle and I got home from E.R. yesterday afternoon, and my laptop started back up like it wasn’t no thing. The hardware successfully PASSED all the system diagnostics.

I don’t get it, but I’ll take it.

Today’s walk to work was treacherous. There was about 2 inches of ice on top of the sidewalk pretty much all the way in. I was thankful to make it to work without falling once.

Then I opened the Internets this morning to find that Ahman Green now plays for the Houston Texans. Does anyone know if Randy Moss has ever run for 1,000 yards?

Preventable Accidents

Well, I suppose any accident is preventable, right? That would be the nature of an “accident,” wouldn’t you say? If someone could see it coming, then there would be a plan to prevent it.


Last night, I must have whacked a glass of water off my nightstand in my sleep. Most of it went in a shoe. Some of it went in my laptop, which I had set on the floor after I decided to go to sleep. I haven’t completed the troubleshooting and diagnosis of the resulting issues, but odds seem good that the lappy is boned. That is, screwed. I.E., “got a sleeper booked on the F-train.”

I’ve broken my fair share of laptops in my time, and while each incident caused me to hate myself a little bit, I have to admit that I’ve learned something from each of them. Here is a short list:
– Be very careful when drinking ANYTHING around your computer.
– Your laptop is not an old-timey console radio; hitting it will not help.
– The shock protection was tested at the factory. It’s not designed for home-testing.
– If you put your laptop on the floor, be awake the whole time it’s there. Otherwise, find a table, desk, or countertop.
– Keep unattended liquids away from ALL of your electronic devices.

So that’s where I’m at. I’m sure Mundschau is willing to help me out to be sure the lappy is indeed (once again) toast, but it’s depressing either way.

Car accidents are also easier to prevent is you exercise a lot of caution, so it remains to be seen whether or not Michelle and I will make it up north today. My gut tell me that we’ll probably be OK, since Hwy 45 is a major thoroughfare all the way up. Maybe an alternative would be to take Hwy 10 straight over to 51; you think that might be plowed better? Hmm…

Enjoy your weekend; I’ll try to post something from the Northwoods.

Technorrogy Good

I convinced myself to pony up the 15 bucks for unlimited online access to MLB gameday audio this season with this argument:
There’s no radio station carrying the Brewers up north, so we could still listen to Bob and Jim when we’re up by Mom and Dad.

So that works for me. I’m currently in the confines of my desk at work and happily listening to the Brewers’ TV team calling today’s game.

— Speaking of that: brewers.com had a live chat w/ the new TV guy (Brian Anderson, I think his name is), and in reading the transcript, he came off as a total douche. This is not the announcer’s fault, though; I think it’s the team’s fault for making him do one of those before he’s really familiar with the town or the team. He had a lot of canned, dipshit answers to questions. Basically, if you kept up with the news surrounding the Brewers over the winter (and anyone participating in a February chat definitely has), you had all the insight that he did.

As I listen to today’s game, though, he’s doing a good job. Seems on top of the action. Doesn’t *sound* like a douche…

It’s also fun to email the guys during the web-only broadcasts in spring. Smaller audience, more laid-back approach, also seems to encourage more interaction with the web-o-sphere.

I was over at Schrubbe’s the other day helping him run some cat5 for his new Xbox. I mentioned that of all the current generation consoles, the one I’d be most interested in is the Wii (pronounced ‘we’) from Nintendo. Then I read this review today, and I’m more certain than ever– I have to absolutely avoid purchasing one of these at all costs, because it would only be a time-waster for me. I still have enough old games to waste time on.

If you like me, please help by all means– if I ever mention buying a video game system to you, smack me upside the head and tell me to stop being such a hump.