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(Partially) Swearing Off DVD

At some point during this week (not sure when, the days and mornings are sort of starting to blend together), I ended up on Amazon browsing at CDs and DVDs.  With so many of my friends and fam now making the jump to BluRay, I realized– maybe I ought to quit buying DVDs (for now) altogether.

Jen agreed that for those films where outstanding picture clarity and sound truly add to the experience, that’s a good idea (your special effects extraveganzas, etc.), but for certain other movies or TV (like The Mosquito Coast, for example, which I’ve got coming next week), it’s probably not vital.  I decided I won’t be collecting any more seasons of Heroes until I’m rockin the BluRay, and ditto for BSG.  There’s just not much point when you know that you’re not getting the best that the current tech has to offer, right?

One point I will not waver on, though, is this: I absolutely refuse to put one more goddamned dime in George frakkin Lucas’s oversized pockets.  I’ve bought your son-of-a-bitchin trilogy 6 times now, Georgey-boy, and that will be quite enough.  I don’t care if the BluRay edition comes with a coupon for a free, lifesize X-Wing fighter replica ((I DO care about that, and if that was the actual offer, I would be at the front of the line.)), I am done.

Meanwhile, speaking of DVDs, I really need to find a reasonably priced storage medium for discs.  Don’t like the clunky (and expensive) cases, so I’d like to get a book.  But what sort of storage capacity do I really need?  That’s the question.

Hey, since YOU went BluRay, which are your favorite movies so far?  Have you caught yourself licking the screen at any point?  That’s kinda gross, dude, but I understand.

A Little Geekage

If you gave up on Heroes at some point last year, let me be the first to say that I am Jack’s total lack of surprise.  I’d also like to be the first to say you should come back and have another look.  The third season has seen the introduction of more new characters, and substantial revisions of a few others.  As opposed to season two, however, this one doesn’t seem to have just been vomited up on a page and produced immediately.  They’ve done much better work giving characters a more solid foundation or offering plausible reasons for their actions.

That, and there’s some bad MFs out there this year, let me tell you.  Stories are coming into focus a little more slowly this year than last, but I don’t think that’s a negative at all.  As of today, you can get back to episode #3 on hulu, and up to the current week (#8) on NBC.com.  And there are, errrm–ways– to see #1 and #2 elsewhere on the ‘tubes.  You just need to know where to look…

My Netflix viewing has also gone hopelessly geek in the last couple weeks– I watched Firefly and then Serenity, and I’m following that up this week with the new Hulk movie and a few other sci-fi flicks.  Sometimes it’s just nice to get back to your roots…


No, that is not a blatent misspelling of Schrubbe.

Scrubs is now in its 6th season, and I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned it previously in this space, but if they’ve not jumped the shark, they’ve definitely worn a turkey on their head.

The season has had its occasional funny moments, though: I did laugh my ass off at “Guy Love”.

I dunno, though– the more I watch TV shows “by-the-season,” the less fulfilling the weekly grind becomes. Next week, I’m gonna be getting on the ‘Heroes’ train, which I did not ride in the first part of the TV year. I think what happens in watching a lot of ep’s in a row is that you become more forgiving of a ‘miss’ here or there: “Ah, that episode suct, let’s watch the next one…”

But man, when you specifically set aside an hour of your week to watch a shitty episode of a show you like, then wait another week to see something new, that blows.

All the more reason to chuck cable, if you ask me…