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Something Completely Different

I am not generally one to take cheap shots at people, especially here on the Internet.  But in case you risk missing it, take a look at this video of President Bush in Iraq over the weekend. I was really impressed with the way W ducked that first shoe. Just weird, and funny, and… I don’t know what else to say.

Former Secretary Cheney

Check out this link to YouTube that I got via MoveOn.org:

I know that the current administration would say, “the circumstances were different,” but were they? Really?

The Point of Ignorance

In my experience, starting a new job is marked by a number of distinct benchmarks, by which you can chart your progress (this is the leading trait that distinguishes “starting a new job” from “occupying a fledgling democracy in the Middle East”).

I have reached the Point of Ignorance this week, and I find that encouraging. This is a time during which you feel fairly comfortable with the people, procedures, and surroundings, because your co-workers or supervisors have voiced their assurance/confidence in you, and you’ve personally noted successes that lead you to think they’re correct.

However, there is a Major Screw-Up looming on the horizon, which you will be guilty of perpetrating due to your ignorance of a little-known procedural point or little-used policy. The event will remind you that, despite your confidence, it will take time to master all the nuances of this place, but at the same time, you will have the evidence of those minor successes that leave you with the notion that you CAN, in fact, adapt.

So I’ve gotten a lot done already this morning. Time to carry on with that.

God Bless America

Startup Hopes to Modernize Parking Hunt

I love this right here:
“In the 21st century, you shouldn’t have to look for a parking space anymore,” said SpotScout CEO Andrew Rollert, a 32-year-old software engineer. “I hate the term, ‘I have to go look for a parking space.'”

In unrelated news, Suicide Blast Kills 13 in Al-Sadr’s Area.

… Well, maybe that *is* related. Both are about cars, right?

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