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Staying on Vacation

Got the next five work days off.  The major project is going to be moving, of course.  The last time I did a cross-town move like this, the feeling and preparedness were pretty similar– I get the keys to the new apartment tomorrow morning, I have to be out of Wright Street on Monday, and I don’t have that much stuff packed right now.

These are usually lower-impact moves, though.  You don’t have to secure everything for a lot of miles traveled over highway, and as opposed to last year, I can take everything out of one place and immediately put it in its new place.  I’m not too worried.  I’ll work on stuff today, and Grandma and Jen said they’d come over and help out tomorrow.  Better get to it; I’ve got some calls and things to make.

And speaking of calls..!  There are a few of you I’ve been meaning to get in touch with and just haven’t had the chance yet.  I’ve got off for several days here, so feel free to ring my bell.  Or maybe I’ll turn that around on you, who knows?

More Moving Tidbits

I made sure that I got home in time to do some spot-cleaning around the apartment last night– I knew Marty was showing the place this afternoon, and I figure the better it shows, the fewer times somebody else will be trouncing around your apartment before it’s rented again.  That strategy seemed to pay off, as I got back from work and found Marty with a couple in the kitchen, filling out a lease.  Suh-weeeet.

I also called up WE Energies today and got the ‘lectrics set up for my new place.  Check this out (blew my mind, but I’m the one writing the checks): budget plan at my current place: $106 per month.  Budget plan at my new place: $25 per month.  Holy.  Balls.

I’m also going to look into DSL as an option for Internet rather than cable, because AT&T seems to have Time Warner beat on price at this point.  And now that they’ll let you get DSL without a contract or an existing phone line, well… hey.

13 days to go…

Quick Notes Slash Recap


Successful weekend for the most part, but I still have more to get done this evening…

  • Brewers took until today to win a game, but at least they avoided the sweep.  What the hell is with the Cubs?  How long do you think they’re going to wait to start losing?  All-Star break?  Maybe.
  • Here is my new address, effective June 28: 4121 N Ardmore Ave, Apt 9, Radio City, WI, 53211.
  • Grandma’s floor is back, it’s dry, and it only took about 4 hours to finish up.
  • Since Marty and Lise are going to start showing my place tomorrow, I have to go now and get some stuff picked up around here.

(Relatively) Clean

Work is madhouse, and will continue to be such throughout the month of September.

However, I have somehow gotten caught up on a number of things that were lagging over the last couple weeks around the office. This has made me feel better about being here in general. I am still weary from the endless droves of people who don’t have enough money for school and are not considered “needy enough” to get it from the government, making my options for helping them close to nill.

Things at home are a lot cleaner, too, as Christy and/or Michelle could attest to. I have one room left that still needs significant organization, but for the most part, I am “settled in.” This new-found comfort is a double-edged sword, since I am nearly certain I’ll be moving again in 10 months.

OK, more to do. Look at this in the meantime, and think about what you’ve done.

Only Tuesday

It’s only Tuesday, but it already feels like it’s too late to say much about the past weekend and whatnot.

Since I left you last, I had a busy work week starting to get caught up from vacation, and then we went rafting up in the greater Crivitz area over the weekend. It was fun. Frankly, I’m too tired to say much more about it right now. I just looked at the date when I last posted something here and thought that I should write a little something anyway.

Michelle drove my car in to work yesterday. It was her first time driving my car by herself. She did just fine. I told her that this means she has to get a manual for her next automobile.

Finally, I was late to work this morning because my landlord had me parked in to the driveway. I know that I’ve been taking the bus and leaving the car there all day, but you never know when I’m going to change that plan, y’know? *sigh* I think it’s going to be a long year in ‘tosa.

Don't Really Remember

Hey, I’ve got a busy week, with moving in, busting ass at work, and trying to get ready for a week-point-five road trip all at the same time. I slept in my new apartment for the first time last night, and it was good to be back in my bed. I think I sleep the best there. The bus ride on route 21 is OK; it’s definitely a little quicker than riding through downtown. I’ve been able to get a chapter or so of my book down each way.

The thing that I don’t really remember, though, is this:
If you and I are friends, how exactly did that happen? Do you remember anything about the process? I’ve come to the realization recently that the friends I have at present are so scattered, I’m coming up really short on them in the town where I live. I feel like I would benefit from getting some new ones (possibly local), but I just don’t remember how to do that.

That led me to thinking how I got the friends that I have, and a lot of you I’ve known so long, I really can’t come up with an effective means of duplicating whatever process we went through. It’s troubling.

An Update of Sorts

Been trying to get a lot done at work this week, so sorry if you’ve been anxious for more news. A few items of note:
– Had a nice first-weekend-of-July at a cabin that Michelle’s cousins had rented up in Waupaca. They had us stay over for the weekend, and we pitched in for a little pontoon cruise on Saturday. It was fun.
– Saw the new Harry Potter movie this evening. I enjoyed it. Jen seemed to have a good time, too. I could tell she was a little disappointed in the omissions from the book (which is pretty typical), but to be honest, I didn’t remember enough from the book to really notice. Those last two books went really quickly for me, and to be honest, I retained very little. I should probably go back and re-read both before the final installment comes out in a couple weeks.
– Oh and I found an apartment.
Here’s the address: 6524 W Wright St in Wauwatosa. It’s a 2-bedroom in this older duplex. Jen came over with me when I signed the lease and commented that I would probably need more furniture to fill it up. That could be true.

I’m glad that I found it, and it has basically all the amenities I was looking for (close to bus line, garage parking, ample storage, laundry in the basement), but I’m still a little apprehensive about it. I took Jen with me to look at it, maybe in part because I wanted her to find something wrong with it. The landlord lives downstairs, and that’s not a situation I’ve ever lived with before, so I’m a little on-edge about how that will work. Even though I’ve run the budget figures up and down, I’m still a little worried about making sure I have enough money every month. Maybe I also felt a little bit of pressure to get into a place right away, just because the prospect of remaining homeless over the duration of my upcoming MT vacation had me scared shitless. I think I may have mentioned before that I like to move in to places that I’m actually excited to go to. I’m not excited about this place, it just happened to be the first one that met all my criteria and I could move in a little early. Not that’s it a bad place at all. It’s a very nice place. I’m sure if you get to see it, you’ll like it. Maybe I’ll feel better once I get there, but for the time being, I am very guardedly glad to have it.

Meanwhile, speaking of vacation, Michelle and I have been deep in the throes of planning. I think we’ve got a good, tentative outline of everything we want to do and see while we’re in Montana for Storyhill Fest and a visit to Glacier National Park. We already bought the tickets and stuff for Storyhill quite a while ago, and we booked the campsite at the Park, now we just have to decide on a rental car and some of the trips (horseback riding, rafting) that we want to do and we’ll be more or less set. The trip-planning has been a lot more fun for me than anything else I’ve had going on lately. I really, really, really hope I can relax by the time it’s time to go.

I think I’ll leave you for now and go lie awake for a couple hours while I wait for 4:30 to return…