Staying on Vacation

Got the next five work days off.  The major project is going to be moving, of course.  The last time I did a cross-town move like this, the feeling and preparedness were pretty similar– I get the keys to the new apartment tomorrow morning, I have to be out of Wright Street on Monday, and I don’t have that much stuff packed right now.

These are usually lower-impact moves, though.  You don’t have to secure everything for a lot of miles traveled over highway, and as opposed to last year, I can take everything out of one place and immediately put it in its new place.  I’m not too worried.  I’ll work on stuff today, and Grandma and Jen said they’d come over and help out tomorrow.  Better get to it; I’ve got some calls and things to make.

And speaking of calls..!  There are a few of you I’ve been meaning to get in touch with and just haven’t had the chance yet.  I’ve got off for several days here, so feel free to ring my bell.  Or maybe I’ll turn that around on you, who knows?

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  1. On a related note– whichever friend of mine is calling me from the Minneapolis area from number 651-256-6181: I’m sorry that I don’t have that number in my book. Feel free to leave a message, though, and I’ll get back to you.

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