The sun is blazin so bright today, I have to wear sunglasses while I’m sitting at the computer… really! Look at that “out the window” shot from today: see the sun comin over the X? Damn.

Really excited to have a phone again… yes, in case you missed it, it was turned on yesterday, so you can now call me if you like, or maybe just maybe I’ll get in touch with you. So far I’ve called Mom & Dad (although Mom wasn’t home) and Mark Knuetson. I fielded a brief call from Wordy, but that only to confirm my cordless was still working.

Last night, went to see LOTR for the 4th time. Went with Mike, Natalie, and Ben from class. Mike & Ben had each seen it once before, Natalie not at all. They were all quite flabbergasted to learn I went to the flick four times. Hey, some people just like movies.

I was finishing up the Links page last night, and I was meaning to put a link to every single one of my bookmarks in there, but realized some of my bookmarks were fairly useless, thank God, cuz then I didn’t have to bother. What you have there is a mostly complete list.

Trying to think of things to get for my sisters for their birthdays, which take place 6 days apart in early February. Drop a line with ideas, if you have sisters, or have purchased gifts for other people’s sisters, or are a sister yourself (in the genetically related sense).

Based on an e-mail received from Josh Schneider earlier today, I was going to have a “guess the dufus in the bed” on the Interesting & Factual Tales page, but, it turns out I’m not crazy, and I did say who it was. So that sorta cashes that idea.

I’m reeeeeally hopin for the loan check today so I can buy some more food and a few other essentials (like some cheap dishes I saw at Wal-Mart), but I’m not holding my breathe. I’d also like to go see Confessions of a Dangerous Mind later on, but again, the financial concerns. I’ll keep you up to date. In the meantime, you should probably look at this.

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