So I had to get up in a hurry today, because I actually had to be somewhere before 4 in the afternoon. Set the alarm for 7 so I’d have plenty of time to shower, shave, pick clothes and iron before my 9:30 job interview at Farmer’s Insurance.

Oh, I know, I know: what the hell was I thinking going for an interview in insurance, when I loathed the Markel so much? Different sort of thing, entirely. If I get hired, there will be a total of three people working at this office. It’s just as an office assistant-type person for the local agent. I guess they’ve got more volume there than two people can handle. Thing was, this was the second-quickest interview I’ve ever had in my life. (First quickest was at the Ramada Inn on 13th & College: that took all of 7 minutes.) This particular interview lasted about 20, I guess I just expected more questions about… anything. We’ll see, though, things I figure I have going for me: a college degree and and extensive customer service background. I guess I’m hoping that the rest of the people applying (which, apparently, there have been plenty of) are 18-20-year-old illiterates who’ve never worked before.

So I get back home from the interview, I wanted to take my film from LA in to Wal-Mart? to get processed (and lemme say this: you have *NO* idea how much I hate that Wal-Mart? is the cheapest place to do everything) and then I was just gonna kill the hour around town. Turns out I didn’t have that much to do, but…

I was on my way to Hasting’s (see last semester’s archive if necessary) to look at used DVDs. I got pulled over cuz I was daydreaming while driving past Bozeman HS. I was doing 36 in a school zone. Luckily, the nice officer was feeling generous, he wrote me a warning for not having current proof of insurance, and let me go on the speeding. That is probably (no, definitely) the last time I drive past the high school. Mom and/or Dad, if you’re reading this, please bring me a current insurance card to MKE this weekend, I have to take it to the cop shop in a week’s time.

Now I need to jet once again, cuz I’m gonna go pick up that film and decide which shots (if any) I’ll scan in here and put on the site… but you can take a look at the captures I did from the video, of which there are plenty; roughly 200 to be exact. It’s nice having the ability to “take pictures,” and all you like, from a video tape. Like I said to Slotten as we were driving down from the Hollywood sign, “With video, I get 30 pictures every second… I ran the camera for 20 seconds, that means I’ve got 600 pictures of it.”

So, yeah, it’s… well, it’s gonna take me longer than I thought to get all these online, so, until the end of the weekend, you’ll have to be satisfied with a few tasty sample morsels.

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