I am listening to a CD Petters hooked me up with this weekend, and now that I am A) sober, and B) in my otherwise quiet bedroom, rather than a car, I can tell you how sweet it is. Lordy lord. I vote 2 thumbs and 4 toes up.

When I got home from Milwaukee (the general location of a Very Poqu-y Wedding this weekend) I hopped on the web, checked up on a few of my regular stops on the I-train, and browsed to make sure once again that my SETI@home profile was not selected for User of the Day in the past… oh, I think it was 10 days ago or so that I checked last. Surprise, surprise, it wasn’t, and it’s an awfully stupid think to want, but damn, man, some of these hobos’ profiles that get picked are just… I was gonna say gay, but I don’t want to offend the gay community.

Too late?


Well, c’mon, look at this one.

Right, so I figure what these people must be doing is either voting to “recommend” themselves, or getting people they know to do it. So if you have the time, click this link, and then push the “VOTE TO RECOMMEND” button on the following page. You needn’t even read the profile! I just wanna see my name on there one day. Silly, silly, lame ambitions.

To whom it may concern: I found the photo of Grandma & Grandpa B that I was missing, and Christy had the other two, case closed.

No one has sent me a guess on the Movie Quote to the right yet, so it remains in place.

Sending the B-day shout-out to Grandma Bock, even though I don’t think she’s ever visited the site proper. I sent her a nice card, I hope you did, too. Y’know, if you’re in a position of relation or friendship to have done so.

I just sent Wil Wheaton an e-mail, see if he needs a copy of this CD. If you want, I’ll let you know if he gets back. Busy guy. He did give me a good idea indirectly, though.

If it’s ok with you, I’m going to forego an Interesting & Factual Tale this week, and instead I’m going to work on the page with the pictures that aren’t there and are too small to see and suck. I guess I went ahead with that plan without any feedback, sorry. You might’ve missed last week’s anyway.

Oh, and speaking of weddings: I find out recently that one of the site’s frequent visitors, one Greg Willis, is gonna have one of his own. Pretty neat. If I had a photo, I’d put it up. Sadly, don’t.

Oh, damn, I almost forgot to file my state income taxes. See ya.

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