I was on Amazon just a minute ago looking for the cover to Rush of Blood and I saw a banner at the top of the page it says something to the effect of, “Cramming for finals? Download study guides!” and I was thinking, “Boy, I guess we’re not cramming for finals if we’ve got time to dick around on Amazon, eh?”

Then I’m reading the newspaper this morning, and noting quite happily that the Milwaukee Bucks are in the playoffs for sure, got their last game tonight at the B.C. against Orlando, but, y’know, just doing my morning surfing, and I realized that it’s been quite a while (as in more than 10 days) since I’ve been to all the places listed on the links page as “Friend’s Sites,” and I thought to myself, “I sure am an asshole, asking people to come see what I’ve been up to all the time but not really making time for them,” and it was basically just another thought about how keeping up the website is a lot of work, and I spend more time here than any other place in cyberspace, by far. If you have a website and I haven’t visited it as often as I c(sh)ould, sorry about that. We’ve all got things going on.

I don’t have class tomorrow, so I’m going to spend my evening working on the pictures page. Check back again tomorrow for some limited progress.

Man, take a look at that “Out the Window” picture over there. It is gorgeous outside today. I’m looking forward to the summer. Big time.

You wanna hear one of the songs on this CD? Why not, eh?

So far, Video 4-B (from Feb 14 03) is ahead in the balloting for Best Video So Far — it’s up, one vote to none. If you have another opinion, don’t be afraid to voice it.

Well, I gotta go absorb myself in a book for a little while in preparation for class.

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