Raise your hand if you know who Franklin Stubbs is. (Hearty chuckles between you and I if you do.)

I took all the movie stubs off the side of my big bookshelf earlier today, because I managed to sell it. That was the piece of furniture I wanted to get rid of the most. It was the tallest, would’ve been the most awkward to try to pack, get down, get excited, it’s sold. But anyway, since I’ve lived here in Boze-town, I’ve gone to 23 movies. This includes those I saw while I was in WI over the holidays.

Just for the record, I did not see 23 *different* movies, because, in fact, I went to see The Two Towers four times, Star Trek: Nemesis and Old School twice. My biggest regret among these stubs is definitely Daredevil, which I found to be pathetically average (and only that good because I’m a comic book geek INACTIVE). The biggest surprise among them was Phone Booth, whose trailers did it no justice at all. The only stub that ran through the wash in a pants pocket was the one for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which I still can’t believe Ewan and Meredith didn’t like. Two of the 23 stubs are dated 9/13/02: I went to the early show of Stealing Harvard and the late One Hour Photo that day. The most expensive ticket I bought was for the second screening of Old School, which I saw in Sherman Oaks with Dicknuts, Dingleberry, Matt, and Ann. That ticket was 9.25, a dollar more than the next most expensive.

Speaking of which, the grand total that I spent on seeing these 23 movies (tickets only) was 134.25. For that price, I could also pay for 3 months of my cell phone service and have 4.20 left over for a sandwich and bag of chips. For that price, I could also buy approximately 537 blank CDs. For that price, I could also buy nearly 17 used DVDs at Hasting’s. For that price, I could rent U-Haul’s? smallest trailer for 3 days and spend one weeknight by myself in a Motel 6. For that price, I could buy two brand new ink cartridges for my printer and 105 sheets of glossy photo paper.

But why would I want any of that stuff? I have 23 movie stubs.

Finally, way to go KP on the last Movie Quote.

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