I was out there on the “Internet” today, payin a little visit to the “cyberspace,” as it were, and maybe it was just the mood I was in or something, but I realized that most websites really suck. Tons. The ones that I’m referring to here are the “personal” variety of sites, obviously there are some professional, commercial sites out there that are pretty sweet. (Although I don’t think is one of them, actually; I think the actor’s voice “welcoming” you to the site is really loud and obtrusive.)

But yeah, just about every user site on GeoCities?, or Excite, or whatever blows. If you have one of these sites, don’t take this personally, not meant that way at all, I’m speaking in a broad sense about a lot of sites that I’ve seen. If you’re on GeoCities? and your site has somehow avoided suckification, I am thoroughly impressed. See, the people creating the sites are only half the problem: the other is the limit of space, resources, and flexibility that inherently comes along with those services. If you, or someone you love is being creatively crippled by some crappy webhosting service, tell ’em to shell out the marginal annual cost, register a domain and get on board with a legitimate hosting provider.

If, on the other hand, that person is 12 (as it seems 84% of these people are), just ask them to stop.

I start this new job at Target tomorrow. Just going in for a few hours of “orientation.” Dunno how soon I’ll be scheduled for a real shift. I suppose it’ll be the next day or the day after. Kinda hopin’ for not Saturday, because that’s the day of the Tischer wedding, which I’d like to attend, I think it’ll be fun.

I scanned some new photos yesterday, so I went ahead and put them up here. Not that they were “new” in the sense that they’re “newly taken” just “newly scanned.” After I’d scanned, I felt compelled to write a caption and the date on the back of all of them. I’ve never felt this compulsion before, so I worried for a second that it may be evidence of a sub-conscious premonition of my impending death. Shortly after that, I realized that being consciously aware of that possibility sort of negated it.

What about this “sequel,” you ask? Well, you should really make sure you saw last week’s video before you proceed.

Take care of? OK, moving on.

Yeah, so I proposed a number of things in that video that I would eat for five dollars. Yesterday evening, Joe put me up to one of these challenges. As promised, I’ve documented it and it’s here for your consumption.

And of course, should you want to see me eat anything else from that list, just paypal the money to tonyshangrila, then wait for the virtual fun!

Who’re the Packers playing this weekend? Kansas City? Right. Yeah, they had a helluva game last Sunday, and that’s why, against this AFC opponent, they will relax, play a really close game and lose down the stretch.

New Movie Quote of the Day. I win the last one (no one guessed).

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