Took care of the grocery shopping today, finished the laundry, did the “bills,” as it were, any and everything to avoid finishing my homework, which is something I’m never exactly *in the mood* for, and yet, when I do the homework, I get a tremendous feeling of satisfaction knowing that it’s done, and almost always, I enjoy doing it in the end. Why is the getting-rolling so blasted hard? It’s a mystery of human psychology, I guess, that I could probably figure out, if only I could get started on researching that.

I think I should probably advise my place of work that I’m going to be gone during spring break, even though it’s really only three days I’ll be missing there, three days is three days and I’m sure they’d appreciate a heads-up. This is not something that I even thought about last week as I was purchasing airfare online. This is why it’s going to be extremely difficult for me to ever have a real job.

I did some dishes today, too.

Christy was in town for her birthday this past weekend, so I bought her some booze and a picture frame, and we had Chinese. Well, I really need to get to work on the homework now, so I’ll catch ya later.

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