So I woke up from a dream at about 5:27 this morning. If I could be so bold, conceited, and condescending as to guide your reading, the phrase “about 5:27” is funny. Featured in the dream was some random bar & restaurant way up north. We were all hanging out and having wings and stuff, and I was too full to eat any more, I remember that, but someone reeeeeeeally wanted to get a fish fry.

Anyway, it was time to leave, and it was snowing outside, and it looked kind of like the “parking lot” at the Sundown Tavern in Phelps, if you know where that is/what that looks like.

Well, once again in perfect random form for the ol’ subconscious, I run into this woman who I knew/had a thing for a while back. Well, we exchange pleasantries, and I ask her out and get shot down in my own dream. I think things are definitely looking bleak when you can’t even get any in a dream anymore.

Happy Birthday to Jen, though, she is 27 today. Pretty soon she’ll “be like this.”

(Man, I’m full of the inside jokes today…)

In other news, maybe I should scan all my books and handouts for class in to PDF format, so while I’m doing homework at work, it still looks like I’m working. But that would be an awful lot of work.

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