Tick, Tick

The Top V things that I had ample time to do last spring that will not be true this spring at all:

I. Television – with no job and two classes, I had all sorts of time to watch 24-30 hours of TV per week. At this point, it seems like I should probably throw out the TV, just swap out the tape in the VCR once a week, and if I really want to know how the seasons of Charmed, 24, Smallville, and Friends all end up this year, it’ll wait ’til June.

II. Video games – last spring, I played all the way through Grand Theft Auto 3 and also made time for SNES games on the emulator. Yesterday, I “put away” my USB game controller in a very inconvenient place, but I do still have this Sims CD staring up at me from the top of the computer case.

III. Obsessive apartment cleaning – there were the weeks that I cleaned the bathroom three times and the days that I did dishes four times. Even though I only had two meals and one shower per day.

IV. General Internet shenanigans – Wordell can attest to the fact that the IM was the best place to find me between the hours of 6am and 10pm MDT.

V. Doing good work on the website – sure, blogging a little is never that hard, but producing a video, writing and Interesting & Factual Tale, etc… I just don’t see good things happening.

Dammit, I gotta read.

While I’m doing that, you could go catch yourself up on last week’s episode of Charmed so you can tell me all about it next time we talk.

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