The LAME edition

I was just surfing a bit in between some reading. I happened to visit Wil’s site, and then I decided I would look at Wil’s old site via the Internet Archive. For shits/grins, I tried typing “” into the IA to see what would pop up. Stuff did!

I was surprised, cuz I think my ego is large enough that I’ve done this before. They have some pages archived back to right after I gradumacated from Osh Vegas the first time. I thought it was funny to look at some of those old pages, because A) I lost some of them in the fire, and B) my site used to suck royal ass.

Now it only sucks Common Ass.

Busy w/ the homework, but I should be able to get a video up this week, I think.

It takes some effort to move the objects around on this page when I add new stuff, (like blog entries, so I’m just going to keep typing random thoughts to fill up the rest of this white space. Oh, I bought another pair of shoes today. That means I can rotate. I bought them from the same woman who sold me the last pair. She seems to reeeeally be in to shoes. I guess that makes her a good sales person.

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