Ah Hell

You want a reason it’s been so long, I’ll tell you: I was deeply engaged in some empirical research in which I discovered that 53% of all blogging is apologetic in nature.

To hell with that.

I’m finding that these Thursday nights waiting for Dave to get to the Union after class are the best time for this (blogging). The reasons for this conclusion are multi-fold:
— It’s the “end of the week” for me, so I actually feel as though the time is “free.” When it’s mid-week, even if I’m not doing homework, if I feel like I should, I will rarely engage in another “project,” as it were.
— I am an exceedingly more social creature in Wisconsin than I was last year in Montana. Quite frankly, I knew fewer people in Bozetown, we never traveled out of the city much (maybe we would have if I’d stayed, who the hell knows), and so during those times that I wasn’t in class, I was prone to get more web work done. What I’m saying is, the way my time is budgeted in Oshkosh is very different. When I’m “at home,” I don’t stay there as much. (I’m considering it further, and realizing that I could and should have gotten out more in Bozeman, but I got into a pattern of reclusiveness very quickly out there, and I just sort of rolled with it. I enjoyed the year. I really did. Even though I was alone a lot. And even though I ranted a lot about how depressed I was, particularly in the fall. But I digress.)
— My writing voice is more academistrated and universified immediately after class. This is a result of assimilating the text that I’ve been most recently in contact with. If you’ve ever read something I’ve blogged after watching TV for four hours, it sucks ass. That’s why I don’t do it very much.

This (blogging with Mozilla instead of in the webspace of MS Publisher) is working out for me so far. It’s easier for me to work with images around the text, and the whole thing seems to line up nicer when viewed as HTML, unlike the Publisher sites. I’ve decided, though, that there are still times when I’d like to do more artsy, constructive things with graphics or text-as-graphics, and Publisher is good for that. I’m going to be working with the sites in a variety of ways. Might be a good idea, might not.

So have you heard about this Passion of the Christ movie, with the Mel Gibson, and all the blood and the death, and the crucifying? What’s the deal with that? It occurs to me I need to read some reviews to find out…
OK, this might be a good way to look at this, a “reader review” collection from the New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/03/03/readersopinions/03PASS.html?ex=1078981200&en=119a4673233ab7bf&ei=5062&partner=GOOGLE

But yeah, I haven’t seen it yet, and I also can’t help having overheard all the people at work talking about it early in the week. One of my co-workers in particular loved it to death (pun not intended). She was also a particular sort of upset that anyone would think otherwise… Er, no, that’s not right. Allow me to reflect back there…. yeah, she was upset that people were mad at Mel Gibson for *making it*, and that is a much more rational thing to be upset about. I certainly don’t give a crap; Mel: make whatever you want. Is it a bad thing that Mr. Gibson is going to make 12 asstons of cash (reference to 12 not intentional) by “exploiting” the story of Christ? Different debate, I think, but this much is clear: if you’re a studio exec who said “we won’t make this movie,” you are a big dumb bastard.

This weekend I’m going to go out for fish, play Sheepshead, and do a lot of writing. I have some stuff to turn in for workshopping in my ficition class next Wednesday, and I’d like to have 8-10 pages down.

Damn, I gotta make a phone call. Catch you later in the weekend?

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